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How to Play the US PowerBall Online

How to Play the US PowerBall Online: 
When playing the US PowerBall, you will be choosing from 2 separate ball sets. This is a very similar setup to the US MegaMillions and the pan-european EuroMillions. 
- Select 5 numbers out of a possible 69 numbers (1 – 69).
- Select your PowerBall from a possible 26 (1 – 26).
A US PowerBall entry will have a total of 6 numbers, using the structure 5 + 1.
In order to win the jackpot, one will have to match the 5 + 1 tier. 
All persons aged 18 or older are eligible to play the US PowerBall via the trusted online ticket purchasing agent – or any of its other sister sites such as
USA PowerBall Rollovers and Jackpots:
Due to the recent changes to the US PowerBall changes, players now have a 1 in 24.87 chances of winning a prize. Of course, the challenge of winning the big jackpot is still there, but this is what makes it one of the most exciting lotteries to take part in. 
With these changes, we have been given the following perks by the official lottery: 
- Starting jackpot is $40 million USD
- 2nd tier prize for the above jackpot is $1 million USD
Now you do not even have to match all 6 numbers to become a millionaire. 
The odds of matching the top tier are 1 in 292,201,338 odds, and to win the 2nd tier for the minimum of $1 million USD is an impressive 1 in 11,688,053.52 odds. That’s a massive improvement in odds. What are you waiting for? 
As we have mentioned before, on the 13th of January, the US PowerBall set a new world record with its jackpot of $1.5 billion USD. This was won and shared among 3 lucky winners, all based in the US, namely California, San Francisco and Tennessee. 
On the 18th of May 2013, an incredible $590.5 million USD was won by one lucky guy.
Then we start sliding down to the last 2 biggest jackpots, with the $580 million USD in third place, won by 2 ticket holders on the 28th of November 2012, one of them is Mark Hill. You’ll be able to read more about him on the PlayHugeLottos past news articles. 
The fourth and last biggest jackpot, is an incredible story worth telling: 8 co-workers from a Nebraska meat-packing company, bought the winning ticket. They got to share the amazing prize of the 4th ever largest jackpot valued at $365 million USD.
Cash Payouts vs Annuity Prize Payouts:
The annuity payout options allows for a minimum jackpot prize of $15 million to be disbursed in 30 payments over a period of 29 years.
The total of 30 annuity payments will be be queal, but based on an increasing rate schedule. 
Let’s work with the example of $15 million USD. This would give an approximate annual payout amount of $267 000, while the final payment would be a whopping $834 000 (approximately). 
The annuity payout option, guarantees an immediate first payment and annual payments for the following 29 years. 
The cash payout is a lower amount compared to the annuity amount, but the winner will be paid out that full amount immediately.
USA PowerBall Prize Structures:
Matches Prize (approx.)
Zero number, plus PowerBall $4.00 USD
1 number, plus PowerBall $4.00 USD
2 numbers, plus PowerBall $7.00 USD
$7.00 USD
3 numbers, no PowerBall $7.00 USD
3 numbers, plus PowerBall $100.00 USD
4 numbers, no Powerball $100.00 USD
4 numbers, plus Powerball $50.000.00 USD
All 5 numbers, no Powerball $1 000.000.00 USD
All 5 numbers, plus Powerball $ JACKPOT $
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