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On the "Useful Information" you can find articles on various topics related to bonuses, bookmakers, online betting, Odds, deposits, withdrawals, and interesting links to important Web sites in the area.


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  • Moneybookers is one of the fastest available, inexpensive and convenient method for depositing at online bookmakers. Also this way of payment is accepted in many online stores and purchase of goods and services ...
  • NETTELER like Moneybookers is also an electronic wallet for quick payments ...
  • Depositing via a debit or credit card is an alternative for online payment to bookmakers ...
  • You can deposit and withdraw at bookmakers via bank wire (bank transfer) from a bank where you have an account in your name

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You can see on many places (at certain bookmakers) three types of odds presenting:

  • European (Decimals) - in Bulgaria and most European bookmakers use European odds ...
  • British (Fractions) - Most rarely you will see this odds type because the UK bookies usually offer European odds also ...
  • American odds - These are three-digit odds and can be positive or negative. If there is a minus in front of the odds means that the ratio is below 2.00. It's easier to calculate the positive ones ...

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List of useful web sites, divided into categories:

  • Ranking of all bookmakers in their ratings.
    There is also a "black list" of bookmakers in which should never
    open the account because you will not pay for towing profit from them
  • The most popular sites for sports scores, stats and live
  • The largest forum for betting in Europe
  • Converters and online translation and others.

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Selected videos from the team bet2bonus.

  • Videos of sporting events
  • Interviews with some sportist
  • Commercials on bookmakers
  • Fun clips and others.
  • Directions for use of our calculators and other bets.

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Betting Terms

  • What is ""Action", "Each Way", "Exposure", "Goliath", "Handicap" and other terms.

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Sports - History and Rules

  • History and rules of different sports.
  • Baseball, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Golf, Handball, Ice hockey

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  • BulSMS - professional, efficient and reliable SMS services.

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