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Author andry1976
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#1 | Posted: 24 May 2017 20:37
good day, do not try to contact this office, namely click here PARASINO . This is pure scams, who steal the money of customers. I was registered with them, played about 2 months, 3 times made a Deposit, just $ 700 and a little lost. Then 2 days came a few bets and the balance has increased to $ 2200. Decided to make a Deposit, and asked for $ 700. The next day I blocked the account and was accused that I violated their rules and they konfiskoval my funds. I was in shock, no they did not violate, did not multiasking, bonuses are not taken, all the documents provided, all true, I was a real person. Constantly wrote in support, asked questions that I've violated, but they didn't even want to communicate with me, sent an automated response that my account is blocked. License these scams allegedly Curacao, but on my treatment there, no one responds. The Internet also has similar reviews. So if You don't want these crooks took Your money, IN ANY CASE do NOT PLAY IN the OFFICE.
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