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What is the game?


BETFAIR CUP start 1st of March

The game is monthly. On every participant in the race are given 400 points at start. The maximum number of points you can put each user are 10 racing points of an event. Every day will there are up to 10 meetings. Each user can place points for each meeting how he want, from 1 to 10 points. Each meeting will include the following components: 1, X 2, under2.5, over2.5. Different events are represented by their real coefficients. Every day there will be a meeting which will be marked with an asterisk. If a user set points at this meeting, it follows the following rule:

  • If you won the outcome of the meeting, the net profit of points that win will be multiplied by 3. So if put
    10 points per unit (unit ratio is 2.6), then the balance will increase by 48 points (2.6 x10-10 = 16h3 = 48
  • If you do not won the outcome of the meeting, it points to is set to be cut twice. So if you put 10 points,
    you will be stripped of 20 points.

At the end of each month the participant with the most points receives 100 EUR/GBP free bets award.

Second-placed -60 EUR/GBP free bets award.

Third-placed - 40 EUR/GBP free bets.

IMPORTANT: this bonus money is only to play and CANNOT be withdrawn as cash?

The funds will be credited within 5 working days after the announcement of the winner's account in Betfair.

Funds will be free bet money. 

Terms & Conditions

  1. You can have only one registration. You may not participate in the game with more than one user.
    Anyone who violates this rule will not be able to participate any more in this game.
  2. You can give your predictions up to 30 minutes prior to a meeting. Note that 30 minutes before the first meeting, all meetings to be closed.
  3. Each newly registered is required to provide true information about yourself. Otherwise, it will be
    canceled all its points.
  4. The results of each meeting will be posted within 24 hours after its completion. Results of each meeting
    to watch 90 minutes.
  5. The monthly award is given by your accounts in BETFAIR. If you do not have an account with this
    bookmaker, you can register here. Check up the latest BETFAIR offers for new customers HERE and HERE
  6. Bet2bonus game is targets for fun. To participate in this game you do not need from any funds.
    Bet2bonus game is completely free.
  7. Eligible to participate only adults (age 18 years)
  8. If a meeting is postponed or abandoned, team Bet2bonus will assume that the meeting has ended 0-0.
  9. At the end of each month if there are users with equal points, the winner is the one who determined our
  10. Each customer must place a minimum of 300 points set in a month.
  11. If one of the monthly winners violates section 1 or section 3 or section 10 of the rules of the game, the prize will be
    given to the next player the monthly standings.
  12. no responsibility for any problems with the platform of the game.

Complete rules for the game on our site can be found here.

We wish you a pleasant and exciting moments with our predictions game!
Bet2bonus Team

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